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Breakfast. BREAK FAST

When we hear the term "Breakfast" a lot of people don't understand the importance of the break down of the 2 words. Break Fast. It means just what it says. To break a fast.

When we are sleeping our bodies are at work regenerating our cells, healing, and evolving. The foods that we eat are either going to assist us with these process or make cause resistance. The term breakfast is the most important meal of the day is correct yet the way that we have been taught to "Break our fast" is faulted.

If we eat foods such as biscuits, sausages, gravy, & foods cooked in grease then how are we fueling our body after it's been at work & resting? It's quite heavy for our body and has little to no nutritional value depending on what it is.

We essentially give ourselves what's vital when we break our fast with live foods. Vitamins & nutrients that are alive will revive us and make us feel alive as it gives life.

As a person who use to consider myself vegan, I understand the difference between eating process plants vs raw plants. The difference is alarming because I felt how it affected me to have processed foods in the rising Vs. Eating my water. It's no brainer for me at this point because I'd rather feel vibrant for the duration of my day rather than to feel a crash because my body is tired from trying to process the processed foods.

Vegan culture can be just as counterproductive as meat & dairy culture because of it's over usage of salt & sugar.

From my experience a lot of these restaurants & so called vegan chefs do not know the nutrition facts on their entrees. They couldn't tell you if you ask and for someone who has to watch their intake, it can be detrimental if they are not careful. We have to be mindful that some restaurants aim for taste over nutrition so they overuse spices & overcook the plants hence not leaving any nutrients in the over seasoned dishes.

When people follow the vegan trend because they see certain people make it look appealing who also do not know what they're doing, it's just the blind leading the blind.

Being plant based doesn't have to be boring but it does need to be beneficial!!

If we're going to break our fast & eat Plant based...

We might as well EAT OUR WATER!!!

-Regina Marsha'

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