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I believe we must be real with ourselves in order to live a life of peace. It's easy to get caught in the ideas of how to be, who to be, and what to be rather than to just be who we are, what we are, and how we are no matter what it looks like.

On my journey I've had to face the facts that the aftermath of masking and performing as human can leave our spirit body neglected and ill. No one wants to be sad, in pain, nor hurting but it's a part of the human experience unfortunately and when I say get back to sobriety, I am speaking about getting rid of anything that intoxicates us and keeps us from living the lives we all deserve. There's many forms of addictions. Addictions are not exclusive to substances. This fact is the reason that I decided to create a platform to speak on various topics as I continue to walk in my healing. It heals me to dive more into this purpose because it keeps me aware of what it is that I need to be doing within myself to actively heal grow, elevate, and to enhance my ascension. 

Back To Sobriety Tv is in production  filming a docu-series of different stories of people from different walks of life.

All of these elements along with pursuing a sober lifestyle brought me to create "Back To Sobriety" in 2017. Since then, the campaign has been thriving, and has quickly gained an interest of people like myself who are striving to create a life free of toxicity. 

08-08-2017 date is very significant to me due to it being my Papa's solar return. My Papa's life of sobriety inspired me to reclaim my health and put down things that were no longer serving me. I reversed pre-diabetes once I stopped taking mental health medications that were damaging my body. I found myself with much more energy and joy after also quitting alcohol, cocaine & cigarettes which led to me healing myself in various ways, one being repairing my lungs.

There's so many things that have transpired post sobriety that I will be diving into on our YouTube station "Back To Sobriety TV. 

What mostly inspired Back To Sobriety was, shortly after making the decision to live a sober lifestyle, I found out that my Papa had been diagnosed with lung cancer. That news was devastating but also an even louder wake up call for me to take my health into account more diligently. That is what created my 'WHY".

After creating my whys I dedicated my sobriety to my Papa who not even a year later became my ancestor. Here I stand 3 years + sober with just as much passion to advocate for sobriety as the day I started. I vowed to create a platform that was not exclusive to house my stories and my experiences but to also share the stories and experiences of others as well in getting back to a toxic free life rather from substances, people, things, thought patterns, and/or behaviors.

Stay tuned as we build this platform. Subscribe to "Back To Sobriety Tv" on YouTube for visual releases and content.

If you feel compelled to share a story, a message, or a moment of your life, leave us a message below as we are looking for stories to cover and ambassadors for upcoming projects.

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